Ben Huggins

Ben Huggins

Playing Career: Non league football

Enhanced CRB certified
Medical Aid certified
FA Level 1
FA Level 2


Since I was a youngster I have loved all aspects and types of sport. In particular team games that require working with others for the good of the side. I have always found the camaraderie and enjoyment of achieving your aims as a team as rewarding as anything on an individual basis.

During the season 2005/06, I took part in the coaching and training of the U11s inner community football team within Southampton. We worked hard on improving their confidence and technical abilities as individuals and gave them a strong work ethic as a team. During my involvement we enjoyed a great deal of success in taking the team forward.

In 2007 I was given the opportunity by Southampton Football Club to take part and be a member of their Community Coaching team. They fully understood my commitments and were more than understanding to see me gain more experience and qualifications. With my keen and willing attitude for coaching, they soon gave me the responsibility and opportunities to coach other youth teams and to conduct coaching programmes at summer camps, school and community events and aboard cruise ships.

During my time coaching and training I have learnt a huge amount about how best to approach different sessions with a range of coaching styles to suit children and/or adults. I have learnt how to organise children of all ages and abilities, making it fun and exciting for all. I try and allow children to express themselves but at the same time ensure they remain disciplined and show respect to both the game and others involved. I have also undertaken pre-season training for several adult sides, adding to my experience and knowledge.

Through playing and coaching I have worked under many coaches, trainers, and managers all with their own technique and ideas. PREMIER COACHES was formed because I felt I could add some of my own skills and thoughts regarding training, fitness and healthy living.