British Heart Foundation

The British Heart Foundation (BHF) is the nation's heart Charity. Their work focuses on three vital areas:

  1. Investing in pioneering research - They fund around 1,200 research projects a year.
  2. Supporting and caring for heart patients - They fund BHF Nurses.
  3. Providing vital information to help people reduce their own risk of heart or circulatory related illness.

Some facts:

  • Heart and circulatory disease is the UK’s biggest killer. One in five men and one in six women die from it.
  • In the UK almost 2.6 million people have coronary heart disease.
  • Heart disease costs the UK over £7 billion each year in lost earnings and formal and informal health care.
  • There are over 360 BHF Heart Nurses caring for patients across the UK.
  • Every 6 minutes someone in the UK has a heart attack.
  • Over 1,620 Heartstart UK schemes teach people what to do in an emergency. More than 1.4 million people have been trained by Heartstart UK in schools and the community.
  • The BHF invests over £137 a minute on research to keep the nation’s hearts healthy.
  • BHF shops raise over £9.7 million every year to help the BHF fight heart disease.
  • BHF shops sell 60,000 items everyday; have 15 million customers and over 10,000 volunteers.
  • Approximately 1.3 million people in the UK suffer from Angina.

Fund Raising

We aim to raise the awareness of the British Heart Foundation and the work they do. We also aim to improve the Health and Diet of the youth of today and help with funding to enable this work to continue. During the course of the year we will be auctioning signed shirts and other football related items donated by professional football clubs. All profits from these events will be passed on to the British Heart Foundation.

The BHF now has over 600 shops. Our aim is for everyone in the UK to have a local British Heart Foundation Shop.

Eating healthily and having a good awareness of fatty and high-saturated foods can and will help you stay healthy.

Here is a great reminder of all the wonderful benefits
healthy eating will give you:

  • A longer and healthier life, and less prone to illnesses and disease.
  • Vitality – healthy eating along with exercise will give you tons of energy.
  • Everything we put into our bodies is reflected in our skin, hair, nails, teeth, etc. The way we age is partly due to genetics but it's also due to our lifestyle choices.
  • Lose weight - Feel great!

For more information visit for heart health advice and support call the Heart HelpLine 0300 330 3311.