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Community & Saturday Club

Making a Difference!

Young children wanting to become the next David Beckham, have the opportunity to improve their skills and techniques in a safe and fun environment under the auspices of an excellent team of community/academy coaches. We have many qualified community coaches delivering fun and meaningful coaching sessions to the young children involved.


Our community programme’s aim is to engage with all sectors of the community and provide a high quality, reputable coaching service that works with local communities. An essential aspect of our work is to introduce youngsters to a coaching and development programme that is both enjoyable and educational.

We use football and multi sports as a tool to communicate and educate the children involved. Premier Coaches work closely with the local communities and involve the Police, Fire Service, British Heart Foundation and many more services to give the children insight to what they do. This also gives local authorities a great chance to work and understand the children within their community. Bringing communities together is highly important to Premier Coaches. Through these activities we feel a wide variety of social issues can be improved.


Our programmes and courses provide opportunities for young people to practice their skills and meet new friends. In addition we have experienced coaches to identify talented young players for future development and opportunities.

The satisfaction you get from seeing young children having fun and mastering new skills is very rewarding. We are also grateful for the support the British Heart Foundation have given to Premier Coaches in our Community Initiatives.