Cruise Coaching

Premier Coaches are delighted to advise that we will again be supplying Sports Coaches on board P&O Cruises. We enjoyed a positive 5 years and delighted to have secured cruises throughout the coming year.

We are constantly aiming to progress and better our service and we have relied on feedback and comments. We would like to thank P&O Cruises, parents, adults, and children on board for the excellent feedback we have received.

Through this experience I feel there is a great opportunity, not only to offer an enjoyable and informative service to the children, but also to the adults and families on-board.

  • NEW EVENTS for the 13 - 17 yrs. This year on Ventura we are introducing a unique opportunity for selected individuals to attend our on board lectures and gain a recognised qualification.
  • As with all forms of sport training, the most important factor is for children to enjoy themselves so they look forward to the next session and even pass on their enthusiasm to their parents.
  • Enhancing the childrens’ awareness of healthy eating and the importance of it will involve information and statistics supplied by the British Heart Foundation. Hopefully this advice will be of use now and during their lifetime.
  • The coach may arrange an event called “Footballers Day”. This will involve the coach eating with each group of willing children, raising their awareness of healthy eating. It will include tasks to complete and will encourage discussion about the life of a sports person.
  • Every participant will receive a certificate of attendance and one individual from each group will collect a “Player of the Cruise” award.
  • The importance of warm-ups will be explained and demonstrated to reduce the occurence of pulled muscles, enhance speed and improve movement from the beginning of each session.
  • Fun and enjoyable tournaments and games, involving children of all abilities will be ongoing.
  • As abilities improve, or where willingness is shown, more specialist techniques will be demonstrated.
  • The introduction to one of the worlds most advanced pieces of coaching aids on the market.
  • Events involving children, parents and adults will be welcomed. At these events, the importance of respect for officials and opponents will be discussed. Coaches can also pass on invaluable information on how parents can encourage children in their sporting endeavours.
  • Coaches will approach each session in a structured way to ensure the full involvement of all children, with the health and safety of each individual of paramount importance. If, however, an opportunity arises where those involved would like to spend more time on a particular skill, they will have the flexibility to include this within the time limits.

We see football as a universal sport and are always open to opinions and discussions. Coaches will be more than willing to pass on their experience and knowledge for such things as “questions & answers” events. We feel that a professional but relaxed attitude will ensure full enjoyment in a safe environment with the added bonus of increasing awareness of how exercise and a healthy diet can be achieved.