Mark Thompson

Mark Thompson

Playing Career: Professional

Portsmouth (1994-99)

Enhanced CRB certified
UEFA B Licence


After leaving school at the age of 16 Mark became an apprentice on a YTS Scheme with Portsmouth Football Club. This was seen as a fantastic opportunity that he took in his stride. During this period it involved training everyday and doing all the regular apprentice jobs such as cleaning boots, cleaning and organising all training and match kit along with cleaning changing rooms.

In 1996 he signed his first professional contract under the management of Terry Fenwick. If your unaware of Terry Fenwick he was one of the England players that Diego Maradonna famously dribbled round as he went on to score the most famous World Cup goal to date! ….(Ask your Dad)

Mark’s professional career ended in 1999 when he was unfortunately released by manager then Alan Ball. He then continued to play semi professional football for Salisbury Town where he then decided to attain his coaching qualifications and achieved his UEFA B Licence.

Since then Mark has taken it upon himself to take several non-league teams through their paces during pre season. With his experience and excellent interaction skills his efforts have reflected in the teams progress.

He believes in making coaching fun and varied, “the more you enjoy the coaching, the more you will enjoy and love game, leading you to become a better player”.