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Premier Coaches

Fitness training and exercise are not only for athletes, they are also for those striving to live a more active and healthier lifestyle. Premier Coaches was created with this in mind. Initially aimed at children of all ages and abilities, our training programmes have been perfected to meet all needs and, above all, to be fun.

Football can be enjoyed at all levels of competence. It is not only beneficial for fitness but also is a team game which enables participants to improve their social interaction and confidence. Our training staff are all highly qualified, CRB checked and experienced, some of whom are involved with Professional Football Clubs. They offer a structured, yet very professional coaching program. In addition they will give all participants a great insight to the way athletes go about their profession taking into consideration health and the importance of it.

They all have experience in a wide range of areas, working within deprived communities and with disadvantaged children. Some of our coaches have played at the higest level therefore their experience and advice is priceless when working with children.

We currently run a Skill School development centre at the Futsal arena in Swindon with ex professional Fitzroy Simpson. With Wiltshire having one of the largest junior leagues in the country we have received excellent interest. This is a great opportunity for talented players to attend and receive one to one training with Fitzroy.

We have associated ourselves with the British Heart Foundation whose aim is to improve the Fitness and Health of the Nation in general. Heart disease is the nation’s single biggest killer. By raising awareness to children at a young age, we feel they will come to realise how important it is to stay healthy.

Football is a great tool to introduce such ideas to children. Not only is it a fun sport but it is an energetic and proactive sport as well. Starting with good warm-ups and worthwhile exercises you will find that however much effort you put in, it will still result in a healthy, rewarding experience.

We are currently the only football coaching programme in Hampshire that currently use a revolutionary training device that we will help guide your development. As you train with Premier Coaches your progress will be monitored electronically and your best results presented.