Soccer Matrix

Soccer Matrix indoor and outdoor Football Training Drill Equipment uses scientifically proven training methods using muscle memory to improve the motor skills for controlling and releasing the ball.

The Soccer Matrix uses audio instruction. It involves the unit calling out a panel number at which the player strikes the ball. Once this panel has been struck the next panel number in the sequence will be called out. These number sequences are arranged into a series of drills and blocks. The unit will announce scores at the end of drills or blocks. A detailed analysis is supplied via our Soccer Matrix PC Application measuring reaction, accuracy and weight of pass.

The PC Application enables us to drive the Matrix. We will collect and store data, tailor drills and blocks and create various printouts for each individual. All information is relayed between the Soccer Matrix unit and your PC via an SD card.

The Coaching Guide to see how the drill programme works. The base drills are the foundation for all training using Soccer Matrix indoor and outdoor Football Training Drill Equipment.

Soccer Matrix has created an initial 28 drill programme with target scores that have been set by professional academy players.

Over a typical 8 session booking you as a player will work through between 3 - 5 different drills. Barring in mind each drill has potentially 4 different techniques (inside - inside, outside - outside, outside - inside, inside - outside). These will be chosen randomly by the coach and all will be dependent on ability and of the player.