Terms and conditions

Skill School only: PRICES £35 per six session block booking or £40.00 per eight session block booking. Block payment bookings must be made via the Internet, follow the links on the website www.premier-coaches.com.

Summer Camps only: PRICES £69.50 per week, these may vary depending on location. Payment bookings must be made via the Internet, follow the links on the website www.premier-coaches.com.

CANCELLATION OR NON ATTENDANCE must be made 24 hours in advance of any booked session. Anyone wishing to cancel from the Premier Coaches Skill School must give one week’s notice in writing or via email. No refunds will be given unless at the discretion of the management.

BOOKINGS, all bookings are made via a booking form which can be obtained via the
website www.premier-coaches.com or www.soccermatrix.co.uk. This needs to be sent back via the relevant email address. Bookings will be confirmed via email or telephone which will consist of Dates, Times & Venue plus any other information. Re-booking for another block must be done a week in advance with the full amount being paid. (Your coach will notify you in advance when renewal is due). All Skill School courses are run on a six session or eight session period and must be paid 48 hours in advance before attendance. On booking any Premier Coaches event using the selected payment method you are committed to your selected session course dates.

WEATHER may cause some sessions or events to be postponed or cancelled. We shall do our very best to notify you if weather is set to cause issues. The Summer Camp being held at Lymington is outside and being held on a all wather pitch therefore will run in any condition.

DECLARATION BY PARENT OR GUARDIAN: Ticking the relevant box on the booking page you agree to the following: I wish for my son/daughter to be accepted on the above course and confirm that any medical condition which may affect my child's participation on the course has been disclosed in the comments box.

HEALTH & SAFETY/CHILD PROTECTION: I give permission for Premier Coaches Skill Schools to take and use photographs of my child for future Premier Coaches Skill Schools publicity and administer first aid if necessary.

Confirmation of bookings will be confirmed by email or telephone.

Premier Coaches Skill Schools run Soccer Camp events during out of school term time and are subject to minimum numbers. If these numbers are not filled we will offer you the closest date available for your event. All event details and pricing are subject to change without notice. In the unusual case of adverse weather conditions Premier Coaches Skill Schools will offer a suitable alternative. (Outdoor venues only) Please ask for more details.